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A Celebration of Chilean Art

This fine collection of artworks by well-known Chilean artists was very generously donated to the Anglo Chilean Society by late Mrs Pola de Kadt-Valdivieso and Mr Emanuel de Kadt.


The intention behind the donation was that the artworks should be shown to the public before being sold to raise funds for the general purposes of the Society. Those purposes include bringing Chilean culture and artistic talent to the attention of the British public and giving financial help to worthy causes in Chile and, in particular, on Easter Island, which has been hard hit by two years of pandemic isolation.

The artworks will, by kind permission of the Chilean Ambassador, be on display at the Chilean Embassy between 09.30 and 17.30 on weekdays and until Friday the 20th of January, inclusive, with free admission.


The sale will be by the process of sealed bids as set out in the “Terms and Conditions” below. 


Please note that the values given against each artwork are explained in the Terms & Conditions below

About the Collection

The artworks in this catalogue, and displayed in the exhibition at the Chilean Embassy, were collected over many years by a couple who sort out fine examples of the work of Chilean artists of the 19th and 20th centuries. The artworks are in many types of media from classic oils and water colours to pen and ink.

They show many different approaches and distinctive styles and showcase the visual arts from the classic vibrant Chilean landscapes of the 19th century to the contemporary, surrealist and abstract themes of more recent times.

For Chileans they bring to life memories of familiar landscapes and, wherever you stand on art, we hope that you may find something that suits your taste and that you enjoy in this fine collection. The Anglo Chilean Society aims to promote an understanding of Chile and its culture, and this display provides a marvellous opportunity to do so through Chilean art.

16 HR Ulloa_3914.jpg
20 R. Correa_3938.jpg
24 R Matjasic_3926.jpg
13 RH Uloa Burgos_3909.jpg
1 Pedro Luna_3923.jpg
23 G Mendez _3933.jpg
19 HR Ulloa Burgos_3908.jpg
24 R Matjasic_3926.jpg
13 RH Uloa Burgos_3909.jpg
20 R. Correa_3938.jpg
To download a complete  catalogue please click HERE
Click HERE to access the bidding form

See the remaining paintings online below

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Full description of each painting can be found in the catalogue

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Terms and Conditions

  • The artworks will be displayed at 37-41 Old Queen Street, London SW1H 9JA until Friday, 20th of January on weekdays between 9.30 and 17.30 
  • All the artworks on display are for sale through a process of sealed bids.
  • The estimates of value given in the catalogue are based on market research and should be treated as guidance only and no responsibility is taken by the Society for them - In line with the wishes of the donors, the Society wishes to dispose of all the artworks in aid of its work with charitable initiatives.
  • Sealed bids must be made through the process only accessed via the website, The Society will not engage in any discussion or correspondence about the artworks on display or the sealed bid process.
  • Bids will remain sealed until the 15th of December when they will be opened in the presence of independent witnesses. Successful bidders, those making the highest bid, will be notified by email on that day. In the event of a tie on the price bid, the winner will be the earliest bid received, as shown by the online submission process.
  • The Anglo Chilean Society will invoice the successful bidder and ownership of the artwork will transfer only upon full payment by bank transfer to the Society’s account. 
Anglo Chilean Society 
Lloyds Bank PLC
  • Upon settlement of the invoice, the successful bidder will be sent, by email, a receipt giving title to the artwork and entitling them to collect it from the Society’s office located at 37-41 Old Queen Street, London SW1H 9JA at dates and times to be mutually agreed.
  • The Society reserves the right to require proof of identity of the person collecting the artwork. The Society will not, in any circumstances, arrange delivery.
  • Failure to settle an invoice within 7 days of its date, will entitle the Society to offer the artwork to the next highest bidder
  • The amounts realised for all the artworks will be published on the Society’s website.
  • The Society declares that it is the legal owner of the artworks to be sold, all of which are offered “as seen”. The Society gives no warranty whatsoever for their condition, description or provenance. 
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