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COVID-19 News from Chile

May 13, 2020

Chile’s Tourism Undersecretariat and National Tourism Service (Sernatur), along with representatives from Chile’s leading tourism trade associations, are seeking to create a roadmap for the recovery of tourism in Chile once the pandemic has passed.

The Covid-19 pandemic has severely impacted the world’s tourism industry, plunging it into a crisis of unprecedent...

May 6, 2020

Close contact with the Chilean Government and the health, police and immigration authorities have enabled the Consular team to help British citizens during the pandemic.

Published 6 May 2020

From: British Embassy Santiago

Travel information for Chile.

Before international flights were completely cancelled in mid-April, the Embassy worked with the Chilean authorit...

April 30, 2020

Although children and teenagers are not considered an at-risk group due to their age, group housing does pose risks.

Justice and Human Rights Minister Hernán Larraín and Childhood Undersecretary Carol Brown met with leaders from the Confederation for Production and Commerce of Chile (CPC) and representatives from companies and private citizens who have provided...

April 28, 2020

The Science Ministry is to spend 800 million pesos on the design and local manufacture of masks, face shields and protective suits that incorporate innovations like the use of copper, recycled material and 3D printing.

The Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation Ministry and Chile's Economic Development Agency (Corfo), supported by the Ministry Secretary...

April 25, 2020

Chile’s Health Minister was the only representative of the American continent to present on the occasion.

Early this morning, Health Minister Jaime Mañalich explained to the Director of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom, the strategies that are being implemented in Chile. One of them is the ID card for people who have been medically discharged, which...

April 22, 2020

  • With COVID-19 forcing many at-risk seniors to stay indoors, the small Chilean beach enclave of Zapallar is using drones to deliver medication and supplies to isolated elderly people.

  • “Now we have a solution to help them get their medications, without exposing a public worker or a member of the family of the person in quarantine,” Mayor Alessandri said.


April 21, 2020

SANTIAGO (Reuters) - Chile reported on Sunday that there were more than 10,000 people in the country with the coronavirus, the third-highest tally in Latin America, as the disease ravages the economy of the world's top copper producer.

Chile has 10,088 confirmed cases, up by 358 from a day earlier, health ministry officials said. They said they were beginning to...

April 17, 2020

Chile plans to issue the world’s first immunity cards for people that have recovered from coronavirus to signal they are no longer contagious and can return to work and their normal lives.

The government will start issuing the “Covid-19 cards” next week, Health Minister Jaime Manalich told reporters Thursday, setting out a strict set of criteria for the new perm...

April 15, 2020

For centuries, copper has been used to repel certain bacteria and viruses, and a Chilean company is now using the metal to address a mask shortage.

by Lucia Newman

For centuries copper has been used to repel certain bacteria and viruses.

A company in Chile is now using the metal to address a shortage of masks in Latin America.

Al Jazeera's Lucia Newman explains fro...

April 10, 2020

The country’s mortality rate from the disease is low but frontline staff say public hospitals are unprepared for rise in cases.

Chile has received early plaudits for its handling of the coronavirus crisis and boasts Latin America’s highest testing rate for the infection. But health workers...

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