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3 Chilean actresses among “The 25 Best Female Movie Performances of the 21st Century”

The 25 Best Female Movie Performances of the 21st Century.

From Oscar winners to the frightfully snubbed, comedic high-wire acts to the most hard-hitting of dramas, and everything in between.

By Eric Kohn, Kate Erbland, Michael Nordine, Jude Dry, Jamie Righetti, Zack Sharf, David Ehrlich

Much has been made about the dearth of strong female roles in contemporary cinema, and the problematic depictions of women in many recent movies, but the past two decades have provided plenty of counterexamples. While the onus is on writers and directors to craft strong female characters, the actresses themselves bring these figures to life, and they’re often the main reason we keep being drawn back to these works.

In no particular order, our favorite — and we’d like to think the best — female performances of the 21st century.

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