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Chile happiest country in South America, says UN report

SANTIAGO – Chileans are the happiest among all their bordering nations, a 2018 United Nations report on happiness has revealed.

The UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network’s annual survey report ranked Chile on the 25th spot among 156 countries. The ranking was based on six indicators: income per capita, life expectancy, social support, freedom, generosity and corruption.

According to the sixth World Happiness Report, Chile is three points ahead of Brazil (28), four points ahead of Argentina (29), six of Uruguay (31), 12 of Colombia, 23 of Ecuador, 37 of Bolivia, and 40 points ahead of Peru on the ranking table of happiness.

The first Latin American country that appears in the ranking is Costa Rica in 13th place.

The report declared Finland the world’s happiest country whereas Burundi bagged the last position.

Norway, Denmark and Iceland clinched the second, third and fourth position, respectively.

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