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Easter Island is limiting the number of days tourists can stay

It's the latest tourist hotspot to try to minimise the adverse effects of mass tourism.

Easter Island, home to the mysterious Moai statues, is reducing the number of days tourists can stay on the island from 90 to 30 days.

The decision has been made in an attempt to reduce the negative impact of tourism on the tiny island.

Social and environmental concerns have been cited as reasons behind the rule change.

At the last census in 2017, there were reportedly 7,750 people living on Easter Island, a figure almost double the population of 20 years previously, before the island was hit by a sharp increase in tourism and subsequent development.

According to the island’s mayor, Petro Edmunds, that number is 3,000 “too many”.

“Foreigners are already taking over the island. They’re damaging the local idiosyncrasy, the 1,000-year culture is changing and not for the good,” Edmunds told AFP.

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