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‘Watercolours’ exhibition by J.M.W. Turner takes place in Chile

Embassy high-level contacts visited the exhibition of 80 watercolours created by the great British artist, which is taking place at La Moneda Cultural Center.

On the occasion of the exhibition ‘J.M.W. Turner. Watercolours. Tate Collection’, which will be open at La Moneda Cultural Centre until 28 July, the Embassy in Santiago, in conjunction with the British Council, the British Chilean Chamber of Commerce and the British Institute, organised the screening of the film ‘Mr. Turner’, directed by Mike Leigh and featuring Timothy Spall in the main role as Mr. Turner. After the film, the guests were invited to a private tour of the marvelous work of this British artist, originally sitting at Tate Britain.

Embassy’ high-level contacts, including Government representatives, businesspersons, artists and members of the academia, attended this exhibition, which was also the perfect occasion to celebrate the 102nd Anniversary of the British-Chilean Chamber of Commerce and the 80th Anniversary of the British Institute. Launched in March with the presence of Tate Britain’s Curator and Director of International Exhibitions, this is the first time that Tate is coming to Chile, and a perfect occasion to display 80 watercolours of this great British painter.

Great Camping

The exhibition ‘J.M.W. Turner. Watercolours. Tate Collection’ in Chile have received support from the GREAT campaign, a cross-Government initiative aimed to showcase the best of the UK and encourage people to visit, do business, invest and study in the UK. It is the Government’s most ambitious international promotional campaign ever, uniting the efforts of the private and public sectors to generate jobs and growth for Britain.

Further Information

If you want to learn more about the exhibition, visit the website of La Moneda Cultural Centre.

If you want to watch the film ‘Mr. Turner’, see the exhibition dates at the Cinema of La Moneda Cultural Centre.