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Astrotourism in Chile: the World’s Foremost Destination for Stargazing

Astrotourism—a term that captures a type of travel that primarily revolves around stargazing purposes or to visits to astronomical facilities, like observatories—is abundant in Chile. The South American country is considered the best place in the world to observe the wonders of the night sky and peer into outer space, due to many areas having the cleanest and clearest air quality and because it enjoys good weather almost all year round (roughly 300 nights annually).

The optimal conditions here also result from the low amount of dust particles, an ideal level of humidity and Chile’s dry geography and high elevation. The north part of the country also has little to no light pollution, which makes it a perfect place to install telescopes to aid the work of international scientists seeking to unlock the mysteries of the universe. In fact, Northern Chile boasts over 40 percent of the world’s astronomic observation centers, a figure that’s expected to climb to 60 percent within the coming decade.

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