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Convirtiendo Esperanzas en Acción

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

The Society has donated approximately £650 in US dollars $900.00 to an organization called ‘Convirtiendo Esperanzas en Accion’. The organisation was founded by Daniela Ramos Cardenas, primary school teacher in a school in Olmue, Macarena Rodriguez Rojas and Romina Ramos Leon.

These three ladies live in La Calera town in the Vth Geographical area of Chile, and it is here where the Organization is based.

This is a non-profit organization, and their present campaign is to help children with leukaemia and their families. It started when a mother contacted them for help after her 2-year-old child had been diagnosed with Acute lymphatic leukaemia from then on, they have concentrated efforts in children and families affected by this type of pathology.

The families are vulnerable as with the pandemic many parents have lost their jobs and sadly some have died of Covid 19.

The money donated will cover the provision of good quality food and toiletries for 1 year, all through 2021. The donation will also provide for bonuses to pay expensive specialist doctors, medications and even a ‘dream’ for a child who is terminally ill.


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