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Support for Garden Museum

The amazing Garden Museum, which is going through tough times during Covid, needs help to be able to survive.

For those who haven't been, The Garden Museum is next to Lambeth Palace and it is a hidden gem in South London. Containing beautiful exhibitions, an amazing cafe and a lovely interior courtyard, this space is also doing a lot for the community kids around the area teaching them about gardening and providing them with a safe space.

The Museum Director, Christopher Woodward, swam 50 miles to get funds, an incredible task! You can still support the Museum, find the call to action below. Please please support it if you can, it would be incredibly sad if it were to disappear! And we should all honour gardening, an art that has helped so many people during this pandemic. Sending you lots of love wherever you are!

Cruz Vallespir

ACS Member

Garden Museum Director completes his 50 mile sponsored swim!

Fantastic news! Yesterday, on Friday 30 April 2021, Garden Museum Director Christopher Woodward finally set foot on the Isle of Tresco, after completing his sponsored swim to save the Garden Museum from closure in consequence of the pandemic. This makes Christopher the first person to ever swim the 50 mile route from Newlyn, Cornwall, to Tresco!

Last spring, we announced that we needed £370,000 to save the Museum, to make up for the loss of income from the pandemic. Rather astonishingly, donations to the Swim have reached £418,000 (incl. Gift Aid), and over one thousand people have donated. We are so grateful for all your support. But since last spring the target has increased, owing to the ‘second wave’ extending the closure of the Museum by an extra five months. Our new target is £500,000.

As Christopher says “Thanks to our Friends, Patrons and supporters, our Emergency Appeal has succeeded beyond our wildest dreams. If we reach this new target the Garden Museum will be safe. Not just safe, ready for an exciting programme of exhibitions and festivals in the year ahead, and can back to our work in teaching children about plants and gardens, and building an archive of Britain’s garden history. Now that I have made it to Tresco, a Foundation has pledged another £50,0000, making the current total of £468,000.”

It's not too late to support the sponsored swim: you can make a donation, send a message of congratulations or read more about his feat, at the link below. As our doors remain closed, every penny makes a huge difference.

Click HERE to make a donation


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