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‘Unión Comunal de Talleres Laborales’ Santa Juana

The ACS is pleased to know ‘Unión Comunal de Talleres Laborales’ and the women of Santa Juana have been able to buy several sewing machines to continue with their workshops.

This is their message to the ACS:

The President of ‘Unión Comunal de Talleres Laborales, Santa Juana’, Inés María Gonzalez Lara is very grateful for the support provided by the Anglo Chilean Society. This contribution will make a big change for them and hopefully we can continue working together in the future.

The ‘Agrupación de Talleres Laborales’ comprises approximately 46 workshops, primarily situated in different rural and urban sectors. In these workshops, women learn and engage in basic sewing, knitting, handicrafts, and horticulture to support their families. They also sell their surplus work to cover certain small family expenses. Sadly, some rural workshops were destroyed in a fire, resulting in families losing all their possessions. However, the reopening of the ‘Talleres Laborales’ brings a ray of hope and empowerment to many women from humble backgrounds, providing them with training opportunities and the chance to develop their skills in a positive manner.

The following link shows a portion of the meeting of the ‘Union Comunal de Talleres Laborales’, during which the sewing machines donated by the Anglo Chilean Society were delivered. The meeting started with a blessing ceremony conducted by the local parish priest.


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