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Monkey Puzzles - Araucarias - in the UK 

Last year, the Society launched its ambitious project to build the “Araucaria Map of the UK”, gathering photos of araucaria trees from all over the country. Members and friends were invited to contribute, sending in their photographs whenever they saw one of these iconic trees, stating the location of the sighting. So far, we have managed to pin nearly

150 photographs to monkey puzzle tree map!

We want to encourage our members and friends to keep looking and keep sending

us their photos, indicating the location and even better, whenever possible,

the postcode of the sighting to

So, keep looking and keep clicking! Maybe you hadn't noticed and your neighbour has

one in her garden, or maybe you walk past one on your daily commute!

Send us your photos and let’s try to reach 200!

Chilean Trees 

Our member David Pearson has written a very interesting blog about

Chilean trees and, of course, the beautiful Araucaria.


To read the blog, click on the icon below.

To buy your copy contact the author directly to, Orakaria Press. 

You can also get your copy at Eden Project

and Edinburgh Botanic Garden


Monkey Map by Sarah Horton 

Sarah has created her own Monkey Map and although her work with the map has finished and she is no longer receiving information about new locations, her work is available and we, the monkey puzzle lovers, can enjoy it now.


She catalogued around 3000 trees across the UK and abroad. 

If you want to see her work click HERE

ACS Monkey Puzzle's Collection UK

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