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Our Charitable Work 

We have two principle objectives: first, to help worthy causes in Chile and second, bring Chilean cultural and artistic talent to the attention of the British people.

To help us promote Chilean artistic talent in particular, we have the benefit of income from the Alan Macdonald Endowment.

Where the money goes 

To see a more complete listing click on this document. 

We have made grants to numerous organisations in Chile aiding the disadvantaged, ranging from providing musical instruments for children in poor areas to helping charities rescuing

prostitutes and providing non-clinical support for children with cancer.

The Alan Macdonald funds have helped us bring Chilean musicians, films,

plays and literature to British audiences.

When Chile has faced major catastrophes, we have augmented our funds with special appeals as we did for the victims of the disastrous wild fires in 2016 and the the terrible earthquake in 2010.

Some grants given
from General Funds

Lanza Verde
Project Trust

Some grants given
from Alan Macdonald Endowment

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