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SWISS Operates Its Longest Flight Ever – To Chile to repatriate stranded Swiss

SWISS is currently operating its longest flight to date. The airline is flying a Boeing 777 from its Zurich hub to Santiago. The purpose of the mammoth journey is to repatriate stranded Swiss travelers on behalf of the Department of Foreign Affairs in Switzerland.

The current crisis gripping the world has seen a number of interesting flights operated. For example, Qantas flew an Airbus A380 non-stop from Australia to the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, El Al operated its first non-stop flight to Australia, and Wamos operated a non-stop flight from Hawaii to Frankfurt. Now SWISS is operating its first flight to Santiago.

Flight LX8900

SWISS’ special flight is currently operating to Santiago in order to repatriate stranded Swiss travelers. The aircraft departed from Zurich at 07:37 this morning. This was 37-minutes later than the planned departure time.

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