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Travel to Chile From Your Smartphone

We know that staying at home during times of COVID-19 is not the most exciting plan, especially if our planned trips were replaced by at-home quarantine. But relax! This will soon pass, and you can advantage of this time to plan your next adventure. See what apps help you travel around Chile, and join us for some virtual tourism.

Before we start, we need to warn you. If you haven’t been to Chile yet, you are going to love it! From the comfort of your phone, you can enjoy the diversity of its landscapes, extreme experiences and the countless adventures of a destination where the impossible is possible.

So let's get to work. Find a quiet spot, get ready to download the apps and begin to dream of Chile. Here is the list of apps every travel lover needs to tour Chile:

Chile Travel APP

One of the newest travel apps about Chile comes from the country's official tourism website and is called Chile Travel APP. A complete virtual guide with all of the information you need to easily, engagingly and comfortably see what's waiting for you in Chile.

With a rich collection of high-quality photographs that will take your breath away, the app offers more than 600 pieces of content, including national parks, ski centers, hot springs routes, tips on converting to the local currency and weather information by region.

The best part of the app is that its content can be accessed in three languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Let the daydreaming begin!

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