Anglo Chilean HART/WOOD families 1874 – 1965 by John N. Hart

I appreciate that this HART/WOOD Anglo Chilean story is perhaps too long, for which I apologise. However, I write in memory of my father Freddy Hart, the real Anglo-Chileno of our family, who unfortunately did not live long enough, after returning to UK from Chile in 1964, to be able to join the Anglo Chilean Society. So, most of the records and photos I have used to relate this story, come from his wife, my mother, Peggy Hart. Peggy was and ex-Committee Member of the Anglo Chilean Society and died in April 2018. Peggy kept everything that pertained to Fred’s life. He was born in Coquimbo in 1916 and passed away in London in Nov 1965.

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Photo of John N. Hart's grandfather, John Hart, believed to have been taken at age 21.

Certificate of Baptism of John N. Hart's grandfather John Hart

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