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Anglo Chilean Society Annual General Meeting

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

The Society held its 78th Annual General Meeting at the Embassy of Chile on the 5th of April 2022. The meeting was attended by some thirty members including Vice Presidents Baroness Hooper, Professor Dame Marcela Contreras and Professor Andres Velasco and, representing the Embassy, Chargé d'Affaires Francisco Bartolucci and Colonel Juan Antonio Muñoz.

The first part of the meeting was chaired by Alasdair Grant and covered the approval of the Report and Accounts for the calendar year 2021. Alasdair spoke about the successful way in which the Society had been able to adapt to the challenging environment during the pandemic by putting on a series of on-line events covering Chilean cultural activities as well as economic developments. In-person events were a reception for members at the Ambassador’s residence, a piano recital at Kings College and the regular Mining Conference. Over £8,500 of grants had been made supporting worthy causes in Chile and bringing Chilean cultural activities to UK audiences.

At this point, according to the Society’s constitution, the whole committee stood down and those who had served for five years became ineligible for re-election. Alasdair Grant had, exceptionally served for six years and Baroness Hooper proposed a vote of thanks for his sterling work especially guiding the Society through the challenging pandemic years.

The second part of the meeting covered the election of the committee for the current year and the election of the Chairman. Committee members re-elected and newly elected were, alphabetically, Fiona Clouder, Edward Dallas, Claudio Durán, Robert Hart, Catalina Herrera, Claudia Iglesias, Fabiana Jaramillo, Carmen Pearson, José Ignacio Perez, Marcos Stuardo, Mónica Volpin and Peter West.

Fiona Clouder was elected as Chairman and took the chair, introducing herself to members. She explained that she had had the privilege to be the British Ambassador in Santiago for four years and has a deep affection for the country. She looked forward to working with the committee to help take the Society forward.


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