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CARMEN PEARSON, Executive Committee Secretary & Grants Coordinator

I was born in Valparaiso, but I grew up and went to school mainly in Santiago.

I lived in Spain for 8 years where I worked as a Bilingual Secretary in several companies.

In 1982 I went back to Chile where I met David my husband to be. We got married at the end of 1982 in Chile and we came to live in the UK in early 1983. We are a family of four our daughter Michelle and Andrew from my first marriage. We now have 3 grandchildren.

I discovered the Open University and joined it in 1985. After many years and extremely late nights I graduated with a BA in History of Art (Hon). Later I moved sideways and trained as a Conservator in a Private school in Richmond in 2001 for 3 years after which became an Accredited member of The City and Guilds of London. Shortly after I opened a Conservation Studio which I own until this day.

David and I became members of the Anglo Chilean Society in the late ‘80s and I have been a member of the Executive Committee for many years. I was Vice Chair for 10 years and now I am one of two Secretaries, the other one being Monica and we look after different aspects and good practice of the Society.

Like many of us, despite living in the UK for half my life, the links with Chile, family and friends have always been strong.


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