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Chilean artist Daniela Portillo Cisterna

Updated: Jun 24

The Anglo-Chilean Society proudly supports Chilean artist Daniela Portillo Cisterna, a Performance Designer, Professor, and Researcher, for her participation at PSI29: Performance Studies International Conference in London, England.

Our support enables Daniela to join a roundtable by the "Hello Stranger" project, curated by Dr. Kathrine Sandys and Dr. Lucy Thronet, on June 21st at the Victoria & Albert Museum. Daniela will discuss "decentering scenography" from a Latin American and regionalist perspective, alongside Dr. Joslin McKinney, with whom she co-authored an article on teaching methods in Performance Design, decolonization of scenic practices, and regional narratives.

Daniela expresses her gratitude: "I am honoured to reflect with renowned designers, promote a Chilean and Regional Scenic Design perspective, and contribute to a more inclusive, expanded, and territorial scenography view. I thank the Anglo-Chilean Society for enabling me to pursue this mission."


PSi29 Conference: Yesterday (21st June), I had the opportunity to meet with admirable colleagues from around the world at the Victoria & Albert Museum to reflect on the future of Performance Design. We addressed the necessary and urgent decentralization of our practices, the disciplinary shifts that are occurring, and the idea of eco-scenography from our production realities. We raised questions about the non-human and critically discussed how we are carrying out our work from performance studies and colonization of practices. This meeting was also crucial to continue globally highlighting the work we do in Chile with the Regional Training Program in Scenic Design and to share how this project seeks to think about the future of scenography. I am grateful to my mentor, Dr. Joslin Mckinney, for these shared days, to Kathy and Lucy from Hello Stranger for the invitation, and to all the new colleagues, whose perspectives have been so inspiring and challenging to me. 

I noted these contents to continue thinking and studying: - the posthuman, narrative materialities, and absences in performance design. - undisciplined methodologies and pedagogies. I promise that we are working from the FRDE Program to bring all these incredible colleagues to our training spaces.  

Finally, I want to deeply thank @anglochileansociety for the support that made possible my presence in this stimulating performance conference.


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