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I am a qualified lawyer from Universidad Católica de Chile and subsequently pursued an LLM at London School of Economics here in the UK.

My work experience has been mainly based in Chile, where I have had the privilege to work in government, banking and as head of legal of a large construction group which is also the owner of a winery in Colchagua Valley. The latter - wine - is one of my interests.

My other passions include the arts and education.

In one way or the other, I have always been close to the arts either studying art or following / collaborating with artists. I have undertaken various vocational art courses with Chilean painters and attended Instituto Per I’Arte e il Restauro Palazzo Spinnelli in Florence. In London, I have done courses at Heatherley’s, School of Art and Central St. Martin, where I have had the chance to see so much talent around me that I decided that my skill set was better directed to appreciating art rather than developing myself as an artist .

In the last few years, in an attempt to bring up my children bilingually, I have trained to teach Spanish to children and teenagers preparing for GCSE and A levels.

Education in all its forms is a way of overcoming poverty, and this is my main mantra when it comes to helping others to attain the best opportunities in life. This has always been a focus for me whenever I have had the chance to work with charitable institutions and I would be delighted to continue doing so through the ACS.


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