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Club Here Taina Va´a of Constitución – Chile

The Club, competed in the Great Britain Outrigger – 2022 International Va’a Federation (IVF) World Sprint Championships at Dorney Lake, Windsor between 8-16 August 2022

The Chilean Club is a non-profit sports club. Through sport and education, young people are able to elevate their cultural knowledge and participate in sporting events. This permits them to learn about and gain respect for other cultures, people and custom.

They are Young Chilean athletes from low-income households in Constitución.

And they WON!

  • Junior Elite Women 500mts and Junior Elite Men 500mts

  • They also won medals the next day in three other competitions: Junior Elite Women 2000mts, Junior Elite Men 1000mts and Open Elite Men V12 500mts

These are the first medals ever won by Chile in a Polynesian (Outrigger) Canoeing world championships.

Ambassador Susana Herrera presented medals to two of the teams from Constitución who won medals.

To make this possible they receive help from several institutions in Chile and from the Grupo de Señoras Chilenas en Londres and The Anglo Chilean Society.


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