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JOSE IGNACIO PEREZ, Committee Member

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

I arrived in the UK in 2018 with my wife, Manuela, and my daughter, Eloisa. Two years later, the family became bigger, being Santino the only member of the family born in the UK and adding a stronger connection with the country.

I am a Civil Industrial Engineer, MSc Operation Management from Universidad de Chile and MSc Management and Finance from University College of London.

I have been working for Codelco for almost 10 years, being part of different teams until having the opportunity to lead the team that is dealing with company challenges in Europe, India and the Middle East, as Managing Director of CODELCO’s London office.

I love music, reading and spending time with friends but my passion is playing basketball. I'am part of the London Commodores Basketball Team and former UCL Basketball Team Head Coach.


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