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Long Covid by Dr Luis Leighton

Members maybe interested to learn that I currently am engaged as a clinician, attending those patients who have suffered COVID and are now experiencing Long COVID problems. This is a significant clinical challenge in a fast developing field not fully elucidated. In addition, I have been attending two COVID Respiratory clinics per week and at the height of the pandemic, I was actually the attending clinician on a ward at a local hospital. It has been a truly exhausting time but with the aid of the vaccine and COVID restrictions, we seem to be coming out of the acute phase. It is predicted that a third spike may ensue in September/October, but aided by a booster jab, it will not be as severe as hitherto. So, my message is, if offered the jab take it unless clinically contraindicated and continue with social distancing rules as advised by the government.

Kind regards.

Dr. Luis Leighton


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