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Looking for Ernest Wright

Mari Spanyol reached us while researching his great uncle, who lived and worked in Chile from around 1922 until his death in 1955. She was interested to see photos from that era sent in by our members, and she wonder whether her own small collection of photos from 1926-1928 would be of any interest. She is also hoping someone may be able to help her discover what sort of work might have taken Ernest from an East Yorkshire farming family to Chile.

In a letter written to his sister in 1922, he mentions that his boss was an American who was President of at least 36 other large companies all over the world and was a 70-year-old millionaire. Ernest Wright was a manager of some sort, and travelled between Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, and Peru - the photos show Lima and Arequipa, as well as La Paz.

Ernest was based in Santiago and talks about the social life at the local club, where there was tennis, bridge, and dancing. He later married Adriana Robledo (maybe Chilean?) and they had a daughter Teresa in 1932. He died in Santiago in 1955.

She managed to trace some of his descendants in Santiago a few years ago, but none of them have any information about Ernest's life in Chile, and her Spanish is not sufficiently fluent to make further enquiries. She'd be very grateful if any of our members were able to help her to find out more about him, though she realises it's a bit of a long shot....!


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