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Roberto Bravo in Concert

The Society's winter season of virtual events was inaugurated with an exclusive concert performed by acclaimed Chilean pianist Roberto Bravo who was accompanied by Andrea Cardenas.

This was the opening event of a series of virtual cultural activities arranged by the Society to help the Arts in Chile and engage with our membership and beyond during this difficult time.

After a personal address to the Society by Roberto the attendees enjoyed a series of works by Ennio Morricone who sadly died earlier this year. The music was outstanding and the Society received many very positive comments .

The concert was followed by a question and answer session hosted by the Society's music advisor Marcos Stuardo. Robert Bravo talked about his time in London and love of the UK as well as why he has embraced more contemporary music .

The Chairman , Alasdair Grant closed the event by thanking all those who had attended and in particular the Executive Committee and Marcos Stuardo for making it possible. The Society is very grateful to Roberto for giving us his time and supporting our charitable aims.


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