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Experimental Theatre - Trapped

Anglo Chilean Society and Experiential and partners invite you to "work in progress showing" of "Trapped"

Trapped is a thrilling new dance/theater work inspired by the world famous collapse of the San Jose mine in Chile in 2010 which trapped 33 miners deep underground for 69 terrifying days. Incredibly, they all survived.

Experiential Dance have begun research and development with performers Michael Spenceley, Stuart Waters, Luke Birch and Chilean born Gabi Serani into psychological and physical effect the mine collapse and subsequent entrapment had on the miners.

Exploring confined, underground locations and caves has helped the company create an experiential journey for the audience. Here space, physical movement, and personalized lighting offer the opportunity to discover a world horrifying in its darkness but hopeful for the light of the future. Original music and film will accompany the haunting performances, sending chills down spines.

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