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Chicago Boys - Documentary

Sergio de Castro, Ricardo Ffrench-Davis, Ernesto Fontaine,Rolf Lüders, Carlos Massad, Arnold Harberger / Documentary / Spanish, English

How has Chile become the bastion of neoliberalism in the world?

In the middle of the Cold War, the University of Chicago gave scholarships to a group of Chilean students to study economics under the teachings of Milton Friedman. Twenty years later, during Pinochet’s dictatorship, they changed the destiny of Chile. This insightful documentary, narrated by the Chicago Boys themselves, brings a retrospective look that helps to understand the present and questions the idea of “the end justifies the means”. [12A]

Chilean documentary, Chicago Boys, will be shown on 19th at 15:55 Filmhouse 3 and 22nd June at 18:15 Cineworld 12.

The Anglo Chilean Society on behalf of the Alan Macdonald Endowment (AME) is very pleased and proud to have been able to help in this project through a donation of £1.000

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