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Farewell Reception for Ambassador Rolando Drago

The Farewell Reception for Ambassador Rolando Drago took place on the 18th of June at Copthorne Tara Hotel, Kensington and it was attended by representatives from Public, Private, Business, Cultural, Academic, Charitable Organizations, as well as Foundations and Chilean Communities in the Uk.

He started by welcoming everyone to a Vin d’Honneur on the occasion of his farewell, particularly to all his British friends who were there despite the fact England was playing a World Cup match the same evening!

He mentioned it has been an enormous privilege to represent Chile, and even more so to represent Chile in the United Kingdom.

He thanked all the public and private British Institutions for their support during his 4 years in the United Kingdom and also the FCO for always having a positive attitude towards the Government initiatives. He mentioned Chile Day, London Metal Exchange and the International Maritime Organisations for their continues work and commitment.

He expressed his gratitude to the Chilean community in the Uk and congratulated them for the excellent work they carry out and wished them all the best in the future.

Finally, he thanked his wife Edith for her support during his diplomatic carrier and his children Constanza and Matias.

Kara Owen, FCO -Director of Americas gave a response. She commented on the good relationship Chile has with the United Kingdom and the potential for the future.

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