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Past Virtual Events 2020/2021 

Hilo Rojo Dance Company

On 12th May, the Society played virtual host to the Hilo Rojo Dance Company from Valparaíso, when director and choreographer, Maria Jose Franco Campos, was joined by three of her dancers (Camila Guerrero, Julieta Mazzoni and Paula Cortés Poirrier) to present Madeja de Gestos (Gesture’s Skein), a collection of three filmed works by the company, followed by an interview conducted by Society member and international dance critic, Graham Watts and questions from the virtual audience.


The opening film was Hipotónico (Hypotonic), a compelling solo performed by Paula Cortés Poirrier that investigates the hypnotic condition of the body and the memory of movement; filmed in an empty room, Poirrier wore a striking headdress, designed by Simone Verdugo, and Campos’ choreography explored the contrasts between vulnerability and strength, lightness and heaviness and the horizontal and vertical.  The work had premiered live on stage prior to the pandemic, in 2018, in Santiago de Chile.  

This was followed by a quartet, Viudas del Mar (Widows of the Sea), performed by the three women dancers together with Antonio Perez, which was filmed in the Plaza Echaurren in Valparaíso. The narrative was inspired by the funeral rites undertaken in the Bio Bio region for fishermen who disappear while at sea and the mourning women that are left to grieve.   It was the company’s first work and focuses on the choreographer’s special use of gesture to convey an atmosphere of nostalgia and sorrow.  The filmed performance in the Plaza Echaurren was enlivened by a dog joining in with the dancers and the bemused reactions of passers-by. It is a strong work that should be regarded as a signature example of Campos’ idiosyncratic choreographic style.     


The final filmed work was Gravitar (Gravitate), a journey through the highly specialised craft of chinchin fused with contemporary dance.   A solo for Camila Guerrero, one of only a handful of accomplished female chinchin performers, it is a unique work that is unlikely to be capable of being performed  by any other person since it requires elite expertise in both playing the chinchin (a drum and cymbals attached to the performer’s back) and as a dancer. This complex combination of music and movement requires significant powers of concentration. Following the three films, there was a composite photographic capsule of the company’s work in 2019, created by Maureen Maynenicholls.

DATE 12th May 2021

Campos has pulled together an impressive group of creative collaborators, including Carol Contreras, the costume designer for all three works; her composers and musicians, Camilo Gomez, Olga Carrasco, Fernando ‘Charanguito’ Gajardo and Antú Carillo; and lighting designer, Gloria Barrera

The question and answer session was simultaneously translated in the zoom chat function by Julieta Mazzoni (one of the dancers in Viudas del Mar) and a producer with the company. 

Matias 'Cocinero is Back'

On Tuesday 20th April 2021, the Society was entertained by chef Matias Arteaga for the second time since the UK has been in lockdown. 


He made an excellent presentation with his usual good humour. The Event was hosted by Edward Dallas and his son Nicolas.  


Matias cooked some traditional Chilean recipes suitable for a post-lockdown Spring picnic. He included empanadas with a corn and cheese filling, Chilenitos (traditional Chilean desert of pastry and dulce de leche) and a punch made with fizzy wine and dried peaches. 


The Q&A included of questions about how to replace traditional Chilean ingredients that are hard to find in the UK (merken, manjar and charqui) and also the increasing development of the Chilean restaurant scene.  The event was well attended and £700 was raised for Matias's chosen charity 'Comida Para Todos'


The Executive Committee is very grateful for all those who supported this event.  Most of recipes are available in Nicolas' book which is available via our website.

DATE 20th April 2021


Axel Kaiser

On the 25th february The Society was addressed by Axel Kaiser as part of our series of talks about the future of Chile. The talk was entitled  ‘CHILE IN THE YEARS TO COME: RISKS AND OPPORTUNITIES’​


Axel Kaiser is a Chilean lawyer, political analyst, writer and director of the think tank,  'Fundación para progreso', which has a big influence amongst right wing intellectuals throughout Latin America.  Dr Kaiser gave a fascinating 30 minute presentation with slides outlining chile's economic and social statistics since 1990.  

His principle arguments were that Chile has generally had steady growth over this period and the numbers in poverty had been reduced and the gap between the poorest and richest sectors of society had actually narrowed.  He believed that misinformation, social media and 'fake news' were largely to blame for the negative perception of social-economic situation in the country. His gloomy outlook was that the new constitution would end up being a disappointment  and  would not really change the lives of those that voted in favour of the change.  

He pointed out that this period of uncertainty was going to damage the economy even further and lead to less investment and only economic growth would allow many Chileans to really feel their lives had improved. 

The event was excellently moderated by David Pearson, a long standing member of the Society who has followed developments in Chile over the last 40 years. There was an excellent attendance and David tried to pick out as many questions as possible.  The society is very grateful to all those involved in the organisation of the event and in particular to Axel Kaiser for giving us some of his time and giving us his views on the current situation in Chile

DATE 25th February 2021

ACS in conversation with Chilean filmmaker Maite Alberdi

On the 11th of January the Anglo Chilean Society hosted an online interview with Chilean filmmaker Maite Alberdi, to discuss her latest documentary “The Mole Agent”. This event was organised in conjunction with the film’s UK distributor, Dogwoof, who were supported by the Society through the Alan Macdonald endowment. 

“The Mole Agent” tells the story of a private investigator who hires 83-year old Sergio to work as a mole at a retirement home where a client of his suspects the caretakers of elder abuse. While working as an undercover spy, Sergio learns a deeper lesson on human connection. This endearing, funny and touching documentary has been shortlisted for both the Best Documentary and Best Feature Film categories in the upcoming Academy Awards, and it is also nominated for a Goya Award and a Spirit Award.  

During our conversation with Maite, which was conducted by ACS Committee member and Cultural Attaché at the Chilean Embassy, Catalina Herrera, Maite shared details on her filmmaking journey, the lessons she learned in the process, and several interesting anecdotes about what happens behind the scenes when filming a documentary and dealing with real people’s emotions. 

The event was promoted by Dogwoof and the Society, and livestreamed onto our Facebook page. Attendees displayed great interest by posting many questions for Maite, and we tried to make time to answer as many as we could. 

Members who were unable to see the film can click on the link below to see the


DATE 11th February 2021 

'Creative Destruction' documentary by Francisco Ibanez 

On Wednesday January 20th the Anglo Chilean Society hosted the first of a series of virtual events for 2021. The webinar began with a screening of the documentary ‘Creative Destruction’ The short film was made by Francisco Ibañez, a young Chilean living in the UK who is a Chevening Scholar, architect, urban planner and photographer who specialises in urban regeneration.

The film was a fascinating personal view of London’s regeneration, historic preservation and modern architecture. After the film Luke O’Donovan an architectural photographer and creative producer hosted a discussion with Francisco alongside imagery of his architectural photographs as well as works by famous photographers in particular from the Dusseldorf school. The discussions looked at the future of urban centers in the light of Covid, climate change and new technologies as well as the role of photography as a research and documentation tool.

There was a good turnout for the event with some excellent feedback.

Members who were unable to see the film can click the youtube link below. 

DATE 20th January 2021 

'Lambe Lambe' by Oani

On the 17th of December, the Society supported Lambe Lambe Theatre through the Alan Macdonald endowment. 
Lambe Lambe is a form of puppetry that takes place inside a confined but easily transportable space. Usually, a box on a tripod with a small viewing window for one spectator to see at a time. It can also be shown for 2 spectators at a time as it was on this presentation by OANI Theatre.
We were presented with 6 short videos of 3 to 5 minutes long in which the viewers experienced a sensorial and an emotional private experience of connection.

Our audience consisted of our members and their families as well as non-members not only from the UK but also from Chile. 
It was a delightful experience, and it was greatly appreciated by all. 

DATE 17th December


Cactus Theatre

Played in Spanish

On the 26th November the Society supported the Fundación Manantial de Ilusión through a showing of the performance of 'Cactus, Only that Which is Forgotten Dies' followed by a Q&A session with the Director, Victor Romero and two of the performers, Catalina Azocar and Luis Rodriguez. The play was performed by a group of 26 young actors and musicians who have a range of learning disabilities as a result of Down's Syndrome.  The inspirational play, drawing on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and inspired by the life of Chilean artist Violetta Parra combined acting with music, costumes and dramatic backdrops to retell the tragic love story.  The event was supported by around 25 members and friends of the Society who were treated to a moving piece of theatre that represented a strong display of creativity and energy from the group of young people.​  
The event was supported with funds from the Alan Macdonald Endowment and was part of the Society's programme of 'Virtual' arts events from Chile.  

DATE 26th November 

Salabanda Duo 

On Tuesday 10th November The Society staged the first virtual live concert.  We were delighted that Salabanda, the partnership between Sally Beck on flute and Pato Banda on double bass performed exclusively for the Society.  Despite performing from Sally's flat in Germany the music and atmosphere was excellent with only a few sound glitches.  This was a first for the Society and we hope to be able to host more live events in future as we master all the technologies.  Fabiana Jaramillo and Marcos Stuardo did a great job in organising and hosting the event.


The concert lasted about an hour with music from around the world including Tierra del Fuego.  The pair showed great versatility with different styles of music mostly written by Pato Banda himself.  This was a great Anglo Chilean combination and was supported through the Alan Macdonald Endowment.  Marcos Stuardo the society's music consultant hosted a Q and A session after the concert which was a great moment to feel the personalities behind the performance.  

DATE 10th November 

Mining Conference 

The Anglo Chilean Society held their annual Mining Conference on October 20th.  This year due to restrictions it was a virtual webinar.  The Society was delighted that the Minister of Mining My Baldo Prokurica was present and gave his annual address.

The event was opened by the Society's chairman , Mr Alasdair Grant who thanked our generous sponsors: Antofagasta Holdings Plc. Anglo American Plc and The London Metal Exchange.  This is one of the Society's most important events and as well as educating those in the UK about Chile it also raises funds for the Society's charitable obligations. 

 The Minister gave a 20 minute address which was simultaneously translated into English for those that required.  Mr Prokurica outlined the plans of his Government from dealing with tailings, investment opportunities in Green Hydrogen and Lithium and copper mining.  He also discussed the future constitutional referendum as well a the covid situation.  The Society was delighted that Ms Andrea Hotter from the metal Bulletin joined us from New York to host  a Q and A session.  

The Society looks forward to hosting the Chilean Mining Community in person next year.

DATE 20th October 


Roberto Bravo in Concert

The Society's winter season of virtual events was inaugurated with an exclusive concert performed by acclaimed Chilean pianist Roberto Bravo who was accompanied by Andrea Cardenas.

This was the opening event of a series of virtual cultural activities arranged by the Society to help the Arts in Chile and engage with our membership and beyond during this difficult time.

After a personal address to the Society by Roberto the attendees enjoyed a series of works by Ennio Morricone who sadly died earlier this year. The music was outstanding and the Society received many very positive comments .

The concert was followed by a question and answer session hosted by the Society's music advisor Marcos Stuardo. Robert Bravo talked about his time in London and love of the UK as well as why he has embraced more contemporary music .

The Chairman , Alasdair Grant closed the event by thanking all those who had attended and in particular the Executive Committee and Marcos Stuardo for making it possible. The Society is very grateful to Roberto for giving us his time and supporting our charitable aims.

DATE 15th October 2020

Read more about Roberto Bravo Here

'The Twin Challenges Facing Chile: Covid-19 and Social Unrest'​ by Professor Andres Velasco

The Society hosted a webinar entitled:
'The Twin Challenges Facing Chile: Covid-19 and Social Unrest'​ our guest speaker was Prof Andrés Velasco, Dean of the School of Public Policy at LSE and was moderated by Dr Peter West.  It was our second virtual event and was a great success. There were just under 200 attendees from the UK, Chile and USA.
Prof Velasco talked for just of half an hour and gave us all a very up to date insight into the issues facing Chilean society compounded with the impact of the virus.  Above all he talked about the lack of trust in Chilean institutions which has was one of the reasons for the social unrest but has now made confronting the Covid-19 epidemic that much harder. He mentioned that Chile was in a better position than some of the other countries in Latin America and that along with Peru had come into to the crisis with a low public debt. However, with commodity prices falling and a lack of direction from Chile's politicians the country is going to face a very tough year.

After Professor Velasco's presentation there was some time for Q and A. Unfortunately, there was not time to answer all the questions, but it was great to see the attendees interacting with the event.  By all accounts, the event was a huge success. 


Virtual event has been a steep learning curve during this crisis, but they seem to be very popular and it is a great way for us to engage with people in Chile.

DATE 14th June 2020

Virtual Chilean Cooking Demonstration

Thank you for joining us for our first virtual event on Thursday 11th June when we showed a Chilean cooking demonstration with Matias Arteaga Cocinero. At the beginning we had some technical issues for which we apologize but we think at the end we all enjoyed the event and the charm of Matias!
If you have not already done so, and would like to donate to Matias's chosen charity, please go to
All the proceeds for the next 7 days will be sent to CocinaPais. We thank you in advance for your generosity.
We invite non-members and friends to join the Society and help us to help worthy charitable causes in Chile as well as join us for a variety of members’ events during the year. Just click Join US on the home page of our website and chose the type of membership most convenient for you.

DATE 14th June 2020