Lanza Verde

One of the aims of the Anglo Chilean Society is to help worthy causes in Chile and we do this through our General Fund. In this occasion, we are proud to announce a new donation to Lanza Verde.

Lanza Verde is a Chilean audiovisual production company founded by Claudia Huaiquimilla and

Pablo Greene in 2013. Among his works are the short film San Juan, the longest night (2013),

awarded at Clermont Ferrand; the movie Mala Junta (2016), awarded with 40 prizes around the

world, nominated for 2 Premios Platino, and premiered in commercial cinemas in Chile and France;

and the comedy web series Los Buenos Cabros (2017), co-produced with Tercer Mundo and the TV

channel, La Red.

Currently, they are developing: ‘Casa 5’, Claudia Huaiquimilla's 2nd film which will be recorded in November 2019.

The donation is for buying sports supplies, which they will donate to the high school where they will record the film. One of the aims is to enhance the sports activities of the students in the place. The schools are state schools and very often the students are from modest or poor families.

Donating the sports equipment and kit supports another charitable initiative in Chile and it fits one of our objectives to grant economic aid to students in conditions of hardship.

‘Casa 5’ synopsis: In a Sename Centre (El Servicio Nacional de Menores, i.e. The National Service for Minors) are two brothers waiting for a year to hear the outcome of their detention. They hope to be let out soon. It is a film of hope and friendships in adverse conditions.

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