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ACS donates to Chilean charity

Every year the Anglo Chilean Society organise activities such as lectures, concerts, film shows and a series of social functions to raise funds to support charitable initiatives in Chile.

This year one of the beneficiaries is ‘Aprender a Vivir TEA y TGD’

When the oldest son of Alicia Ibarra, current president of this group, was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder TEA, her family faced all the fears that this condition brings including the financial demands for therapies and supports that these children need. The situation was unsustainable.

It was from this premise and the imperative need that mobilised parents that this group was born, in 2014, with the name of LEARNING TO LIVE TEA AND TGD with a team of young volunteer professionals, who by their own motivation provide therapeutic support to young people and children.

This is a group whose focus is on granting therapies, tools and ongoing support to individuals and families within the autistic spectrum (ASD), improving their quality of life and placating the social deprivation faced by this condition.

They are a self-supported group and they receive help from the families and from professional volunteers.

There are 85 autistic children that will benefit with the Anglo Chilean Society help as they will buy Sensory Material that help to manage the children’s stimulation. These are products that make the therapy more interactive and where the child is the main protagonist who discovers and relates with the world based on the sensations that are around them in order to learn to tolerate these perceptions.

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