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AGM for year 2019

The delayed 2020 AGM of the Anglo Chilean Society took place 'virtually' at 5pm on the 29th April.

The Chairman was delighted that so many had been able to join us for the meeting. In fact some members were able to join who live outside London who would not normally be able to.

Before the meeting started the Chairman offered his condolences on behalf of the committee to the family of Viscount Montgomery who died at the beginning of the year. The Ambassador reported that he will endeavour to hold a reception in his honour later in the year.

The chairman thanked all his committee for their excellent work over the year with highlights being the 75th Anniversary dinner. He explained that the Society's finances are in great shape and we had some excellent attendance for our events. Over £5500 was donated from general funds to those most in need in Chile and a similar amount to supporting artistic talent in Chile to perform in the UK.

The treasurer Robert Hart then took the members through the resolutions.

Alasdair Grant was re elected as Chairman as was Magdalena Jones as Vice Chairman and the rest of the Executive Committee. Andres Vergara was elected to join the committee.

The Chairman then thanked everyone for their support and explained that the already the committee was working to find ways of holding some form of events this year. Also the Committee had recently agreed to use some of the reserve funds to assist those most in need in Chile at this difficult time.

The Chairman looked forward to seeing you all over a glass of Chilean wine in the near future and wished all the members and their families good health during difficult period.

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