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Chellew family from Cornwall to Chile

This magnificent photograph belongs to our Executive Committee Secretary, ex-Vice Chairman and long-standing member of the Anglo Chilean Society, Carmen Chellew Bello de Pearson better known to many of us as ‘Coca’.

The first Chellew to migrate to Chile was John Josiah Buttress Chellew from Penzance, Cornwall in 1857 who was the Great-great-grandfather of Coca.

Since then, many marriages and unions have happened, and the family extended not only in the UK but also in Chile.

Joshia Buttress Chellew is the father of Alfred Bath who is part of the first generation born in Chile. He is the gentleman seated in the front of the photograph. Also seated in the front is his wife Margaret Orchard, also first generation born in Chile from Cornish parents. Standing are their children. Coca’s grandfather George Norman (first left) married Elena Rendic. They are the parents of Sidney Rowland Chellew Rendic, Coca’s father.

Coca’s is part of the 4th generation born in Chile.

Years later Carmen married a Briton, David Pearson in Santiago in December 1982. In February 1983 they arrived at the UK. Their daughter Michelle was born in April 1984 in Wallingford Oxon.

The second photo in front of the Chellew road name sign in Truro, Cornwall in August 1984 shows her with Michelle in her arms and her first born, Andrew from her first marriage.

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