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The society has supported SUBE through Alan Macdonald endowment.

SUBE is a Foundation that promotes culture and arts for the wellbeing of the community.

To rich this goal, the foundation creates, communicates, and produces performing arts projects focusing on local work and heritage.

On this occasion, SUBE Foundation is producing a semi-fictional documentary, intending to make the City of Concepción known to the world, through artistic and cultural anecdotes, especially musical ones, that show the character of a city with English influences in music, architecture and traditions.

"Syd Barret lives there", is the refrain of a song by Jorge Gonzalez, leader of the band Los Prisioneros.

Jorge Gonzalez, to this day, affirms that the leader of the band Pink Floyd lives in the house of Mauricio Melo, guitarist of several bands and music producer from Concepción. From that sentence, the documentary creates a myth about Barrett and a trip to Concepción, to its juiciest stories, its culture and, above all, its people. SUBE will be recording in locations related to Syd Barrett like London, Cambridge and Essex, which are essential for the story of this work.

The project will connect the audience in the UK with Concepción as a cultural city and especially for its music scene, which is very characteristic and has an exciting British influence.


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