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Art Exhibition | IN/BETWEEN/NESS: Women Tales from Latin America

IN/BETWEEN/NESS: Women Tales from Latin America a group exhibition showcasing the works of ten London-based Latin American women artists, spanning a variety of mediums including textiles, ceramics, painting, sculpture, photography, and sound. Belen Santamarina, Constanza Pulit, Luisa Rivera, Laura Kazzaroff, Ana Kazaroff, Carmen Mardónez, Sofía Clausse, Camila Colussi, Fiorella Angelini, and Emily Colipí come together to explore, from diverse perspectives, the challenges posed by their current state of Inbetweeness. 

Inbetweenness can be understood as a liminal space or a state that implies dynamics of continuity, separation, transition, overlapping and mobility. The exhibition delves into the crafting of identity narratives within these transitional spaces shaped by migratory experiences. Drawing from intimate stories, cultural myths, Latin American folktales, and generational knowledge and practices, the exhibiting artists employ literary devices from the fictional realm to intricately weave their tales. Within this liminal space, memory and identity (re)construct themselves through intersecting storylines and non-linear temporalities, often imbued with poetic fantasy.

Dwelling between borders, the artists navigate the boundaries between their inner selves and their surroundings, between the real and the magical/fictional worlds, and between their home of origin and host home. Boundaries between past, present, and future also blur. It is within this in-betweenness, amidst the tension of borders, where the most intriguing discoveries occur.

Curated by LATAMesa, a curatorial duo integrated by Carolina Orlando and Pilar Seivane working in collaborative ways to build and sustain a strong network among Latin American artists and art workers based in London.

The exhibition was rendered possible thanks to the generous support of The Anglo Chilean Society. 


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