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'Borrowed Matter / Materia Prestada'

Today, we visited the Chilean Pavilion at the London Design Biennale to see 'Borrowed Matter / Materia Prestada,' a multi-sensory installation that invites reflection on Chile’s timber industry, highlighting novel ways of working with biomaterials.

The Chilean exhibition consists of a living space where visitors can interact with seven suspended hand-woven textile pieces that combine natural fibers and dyes, creating a new biomaterial format. One of them—the central piece—is partially submerged in water and will biodegrade as the days pass, alluding to the transformation of matter.

Designer and researcher, Sofia Guridi @sofia.guridi Curator, Juan Pablo Vergara @revista_materia

The Chile Pavilion is supported by #culturas_cl, #diracchile, #prochilecl, #prochile_uk, #anglochileansociety in collaboration with #embachileuk

The London Design Biennale runs from 1-25 June 2023 at Somerset House, London.


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