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I am Chilean. My family come from Osorno. I moved to Barcelona in the 1990s where I graduated from university with a degree in Marketing and Public Relations. I moved to London around 18 years’ ago. I have worked as Executive Secretary of the National Dance Awards since 2014. Together with my partner, I have been a member of the ACS for several years and I joined the committee in 2018.

I have an interest in arts and culture, especially dance, which I watch whenever I can. I have travelled widely throughout Europe to see dance and I am a member of the UNESCO International Dance Council. I am also a supporter and have assisted with its PR of the Cervantes Theatre, which is a theatre that promotes plays in Spanish. I have also helped to run dance galas in London for charity, such as the Gala for Grenfell in 2017 and for the British Spanish Society. In my free time I practice Fencing, archery and Ssireum.


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