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National Day of the Chilean Flag

Every July 9th, #Chile commemorates National Flag Day, a symbol that has had different versions throughout the 200 years of our country's history and that today generates great pride among #Chileans.

Almost 205 years ago, our flag was officially adopted by the #Republic, becoming an emblem that accompanies us not only during the patriotic celebrations in September but also in any official activity.

Regarding its meaning, traditionally, the white has been associated with the Andes mountains, the blue with the sea, the red with the blood shed by the martyrs of independence, and a lone star representing the unique and indivisible state of Chile.

Also, between July 9th and 10th, 1882, the Battle of La Concepción is commemorated. It was a combat towards the end of the War of the Pacific, where 80 Chileans lost their lives. They did not surrender and faced their enemies until the last soldier.

On this solemn date, three acts converge: the tribute to the national flag, which unites all Chileans; the remembrance of the heroic deed of the Battle of La Concepción, and the oath taken by the men and women of the #Army.


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