Oani Theatre Foundation - Valparaiso

A Lambe Lambe Virtual Presentation

On the 17th of December, the Society supported Lambe Lambe Theatre through the Alan Macdonald endowment.

Lambe Lambe is a form of puppetry that takes place inside a confined but easily transportable space. Usually, a box on a tripod with a small viewing window for one spectator to see at a time. It can also be shown for 2 spectators at a time as it was on this presentation by OANI Theatre.

We were presented with 6 short videos of 3 to 5 minutes long in which the viewers experienced a sensorial and an emotional private experience of connection.

Our audience consisted of our members and their families as well as non-members not only from the UK but also from Chile.

It was a delightful experience, and it was greatly appreciated by all.

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