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Reception to mark the opening of the exhibition “A Celebration of Chilean Art”

On the evening of Wednesday, 25th of November, over 40 members and guests attended a reception at the Chilean Embassy to launch an exhibition of a collection of artworks by Chilean artists donated to the Society by Emanuel de Kadt and Pola de Kadt-Valdivieso.

Welcoming the guests, the Ambassador, Sra Susana Herrera, said how pleased she was that the Embassy was able to host the exhibition and help bring to the British public’s attention the skills and talents of Chilean artists.

On behalf of the Society, Baroness Hooper, Vice President, expressed their gratitude to Emanuel, who was present, and Pola for the generosity of their gift. She wanted the family to know that our thoughts were with them following Pola’s serious illness. She noted that the Society intended to donate some of the proceeds of the sale of the collection to the Observatory Foundation on Easter Island, which had suffered the two pandemic years without vital tourism.

Emanuel de Kadt responded saying how pleased they were to see the collection, which was the result of careful collecting over many years, being shown so well to the membership and the public.

The exhibition will remain open from 9.30 to 5.30, on weekdays, until the 14th of December.

Further information about the exhibition and the sale can be found on the Society’s website


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