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Salabanda Duo

On Tuesday 10th November The Society staged the first virtual live concert. We were delighted that Salabanda, the partnership between Sally Beck on flute and Pato Banda on double bass performed exclusively for the Society. Despite performing from Sally's flat in Germany the music and atmosphere was excellent with only a few sound glitches. This was a first for the Society and we hope to be able to host more live events in future as we master all the technologies. Fabiana Jaramillo and Marcos Stuardo did a great job in organising and hosting the event.

The concert lasted about an hour with music from around the world including Tierra del Fuego. The pair showed great versatility with different styles of music mostly written by Pato Banda himself. This was a great Anglo Chilean combination and was supported through the Alan Macdonald Endowment. Marcos Stuardo the society's music consultant hosted a Q and A session after the concert which was a great moment to feel the personalities behind the performance.


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