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Virtual Events Winter/Spring 2021

Francisco Ibanez 

Join us for the exclusive screening of a documentary by Francisco Ibánez Hantke, Chilean architect, urban planner and photographer, currently based in London. 
The 20-minute mini-documentary has been created especially for the Anglo Chilean -Society. In the film, Francisco will explain and show his photography work as well as some of the locations he has worked in. The film will be followed by an online presentation and Q&A session with UK photographer Luke O’Donovan.


‘Non-Structures’ presents London – and cities in general – as a spectacle of constant conflict, negotiation and flux. Capturing key moments in the life of diverse buildings, the images reveal a condition of transience, trapped as these buildings and sites are between the boundaries of architecture and ruin, planning and chance, process and product. The term ‘Non-Structures’ alludes to anthropologist Marc Augé’s influential work ’Non-Places’; this boundary condition, defined by an absence of identity, has lent its name to the series.

Learn more about Francisco´s work here: http://www.estudioibanez.com

DATE 20th January 2021 / TIME 18:00 GMT

Axel Kaiser

We are delighted to invite you to watch the following webinar by PhD of Philosophy Axel Kaiser


Axel Kaiser Barents-Von Hohenhagen is a Chilean writer, columnist, and lawyer. He is Chairman of the Board of Directors and Senior Fellow at Fundación para el Progreso, Chile, and Senior Fellow at the Center for Latin America at Atlas Network.


He holds a Doktor of Philosophie at Heidelberg University (Germany), he has been Visiting Scholar Hoover Institution Stanford, California, and he is columnist at various newspapers such as Diario Financiero and El Mercurio.


Among other books, he has written: “El Chile que viene” (2007), “La fatal ignorancia” (2009), “La miseria del intervencionismo” (2012) y “La Tiranía de la Igualdad" (2015), "El Engaño Populista" (2016), "El Papa y el capitalismo" (2018), and “La Neoinquisición” (2020).


Dr. Peter West, Economic Advisor, EM Funding

DATE 25th February 2021 / TIME 18:00 GMT

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