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JMW Turner watercolours from Tate Collection will arrive in Chile

JMW Turner: Watercolours from Tate will be the first Tate exhibition to be shown in Chile and the second one in Latin America after its stop in Buenos Aires. The exhibition will arrive in Chile at the Centro Cultural Palacio La Moneda in March 2019.

J.M.W. Turner is undisputed as the greatest exponent of English watercolour in its golden age. This exhibition, curated by David Blayney Brown of Tate Britain, one of the world’s leading experts on Turner, reveals the role watercolours played in the artist’s life and work. Turner rarely left home without a rolled up, loose-bound sketchbook, pencils, and a small travelling case of watercolours in his pocket. He exploited the medium’s luminosity and transparency like no one before him, conjuring light effects on English meadows and Venetian lagoons and gauzy mists over mountains and lakes.

J. M. W. Turner, Venice: Looking Across the Lagoon at Sunset 1840, Watercolour on paper, 244 x 304mm, Tate

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