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Juga, a Chilean songwriter and her links between the worlds of art and chess

Are you a chess fan? Chess player? Then this is for you ! 'Oh, Capablanca'

Juga, a Chilean songwriter, recently presented a song that reflects her emotions during a chess game: 'Oh, Capablanca' Every chess player that has ever competed will find at least some segments of the song relatable to their experience.

As the World Chess Championships takes place in the heart of London, Juga has combined the worlds of Chess, cinema and music in a way which is completely befitting of a game that entrances billions around the world, with the intrigue, drama and psychology of both.

Juga is pioneering links between the worlds of art and chess, combining her life as a recording artist with her role as both a celebrated artistic ambassador for chess worldwide and a women’s chess activist.

Watch Oh Capablanca HERE

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