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A successful Premium Pisco Tasting event

The premium pisco tasting was attended by 75 members and guests. The event held at St Peter's Church in Belgravia aimed to inform the society of the latest developments in both the Chilean and Peruvian premium Pisco markets. In the Chairman's opening remarks, Alasdair Grant made it clear that in the premium sector both countries needed a closer collaboration. The two sectors are reliant on each other in the international market. Today 40% of Peru's Pisco is sold in Chile!

Tom Bartram of Speciality Brands spoke about Pisco in general and the eight grape varieties used in Peru. He introduced his range of Barsol Premium Piscos and explained some of the reasons for the growth of the brands in the UK due to tourism to Peru, the growth in Peruvian restaurants and cocktail bars. Javiera Lorenzini who has been involved in promoting Chilean Pisco for the last five years spoke of the differences in the Chilean market and in particular the flexibility to age the Pisco in new ways and flavours at the bottling point. The society was very grateful to the Association of Pisco Producers of Chile for providing such a wide range of different brands to sample.

After the explanations Kieran and Matt, two young mixologists prepared four different cocktails. Pisco sours for Chile and Peru, Chilean Pisco with tonic and Elderflower and Peruvian Pisco with Ginger Ale. Afterwards guests were then able to mingle and sample as they pleased and chat with the pisco experts whilst enjoying Chilean empanadas. It was a very enjoyable evening and it was great to see such a large turn out and we are sorry that we had to turn down some members on this occasion.

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