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The Rapanui Planetarium and Observatory – donation by ACS

Updated: May 30, 2023

The Society has supported The Rapanui Planetarium and Observatory at the beginning of the current year, through it General Funds. The funds obtained will help them continue with their mission and rich their goals.

Their aim is to enlighten their visitors regarding the Rapanui vision of the cosmos, the practical application of astronomic observation as well as its role in local mythology and religion.

The Rapanui Planetarium and Observatory and its crew led by Edmundo Edwards has been committed to research and education, sharing educational programmes with students (free of charge), inviting qualified guest lecturers to run workshops and make presentations, and carrying out projects that shed light on Rapanui and Polynesian archaeoastronomy by evaluating data using the planetarium and photogrammetry/3D-modelling.


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