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Art Catalogue

The ACS Executive Committee has approved a grant to create a printed art catalogue for the Maximal exhibition, which showcases the works of two Chilean artists living in the UK: Marco Arias and Fiorella Angellini. This catalogue aims to preserve the visual connections created between Chile and the UK through their art.

The catalogue reflects on the concepts of dual heritage, home, cultural identity, and territory through the artists' works. It will provide a platform for the artists to express their cultural backgrounds, experiences, and identities through their art. Moreover, it will allow the audience to engage with and reflect on these themes.

The book offers readers a unique and meaningful experience, inspiring them to think about their own context in a visual way. This is made possible by the inclusion of curatorial text written by a Chilean researcher living in Manchester.

Overall, the project aims to create a lasting impact on the art community. It seeks to showcase the importance of collaboration in contemporary art and highlight the cultural links between different territories. Additionally, it aims to contribute to the understanding and appreciation of the artists' works and their cultural backgrounds.


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