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Chilean Navy and Royal Navy: Past, Present and Future

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

From The Naval Review by Richard Kouyoumdjian Inglis

By the Editor: The author, a Chilean Navy veteran and now Vice Chairman of the Chilean

strategic think tank Athena Lab, reminds us of the enduring Chilean-Royal Navy links and

proffers thoughts on how that two century old relationship might continue to develop.

The Chilean Navy and the Royal Navy have a relationship that is more than 200 years old. It started when Thomas Cochrane arrived in Chile in 1818 to command the recently created fleet and

lead it successfully to a victorious start that still governs the culture and ethos of the Chilean Navy. Two centuries after he left, we have three Type 23s and before that we operated Leander-class frigates,

County class destroyers and many other vessels of British origin.

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Richard Kouyoumdjian Article
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