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The ACS has supported Bosque Frio and its founder Anita Rivera.

Anita is an entrepreneur with extensive experience in project management and content creation focused on sustainability, regeneration, and sustainable lifestyles, based in southern Chile.

She has worked on social entrepreneurship and sustainability topics with various high-impact projects in Chile and Latin America. She is a pioneer in regenerative development in Chile and is part of international networks focused on regenerative development.

The ACS has supported her participation in the “Power of Place 2024” course organized by the English organization, The Really Regenerative Centre. The “Power of Place” program is a journey of collective learning based on a systemic and regenerative thinking approach, aiming to improve how we design the places we inhabit.

This journey concludes with a visit to five regenerative projects in England, with the aim of learning about their work methodologies in detail and fostering potential alliances with the regenerative ecosystem in Chile.

The five projects are:

● Really Regenerative Centre (Sussex)

● The Bioregional Learning Centre (South Devon)

● Tealco (London)

● Bore Place (London)

● SRA Regenerative Futures (London)


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