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Premium Wine Tasting

On Wednesday 8th May the Society hosted a Premium Wine Tasting with Viña Errazuriz. The fundraising event was held to raise money for those most affected by the terrible wildfires in Chile last February. The event was sold out and held at the church hall of St Peter’s in Belgravia.

Former Chairman, Alasdair Grant gave an opening address about the Chilean Wildfires and also introduced the team from Hatch Mansfield including Pepa Chadwick daughter of Eduardo the Errazuriz owner and chairman. Pepa then gave a fascinating introduction to her family’s wine estate and its history and terroir. Guests were then guided through the 7 different wines (3 white and 4 red) covering the full range including some of their most expensive vintages. At the end of the tasting Claudia Iglesias thanked all those helped to make the event such a success and drew attention to the voluntary status of the Chilean firefighters who were so involved in the awful events earlier this year. The Society has already the supported the ‘Bomberos’ with a grant in the last few months.

The event culminated with a raffle and reception with more Errazuriz wine accompanied with empanadas.

The society has kept open the donation page for anyone who was not able to attend but still would like to contribute. Click HERE if you wish to donate.


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