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A society for those in the UK
who are passionate
about Chile
We are an apolitical,
areligious organisation

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Members connections
with Chile

A while ago one of our members sent us a series of photographs from when his grandfather lived in Chile from 1924 to
1931 and we thought that we could create a page with information and photos from our members' personal archives.

Anglo Chilean connections exist from a long time ago, so with your help, we are wanting
to investigate these connections and see where history takes us. 

Thank you for your support! 

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'Araucarias' in the UK 
Loch Laxford, Scotland.jpg

Some years ago, the Society launched its ambitious project to build the “Araucaria Map of the UK”, gathering photos of araucaria trees from all over the country. Members and friends were invited to contribute, sending in their photographs whenever they saw one of these iconic trees, stating the location of the sighting. So far, we have managed to pin more than 200 photographs to monkey puzzle tree map! See gallery HERE

Cofradía del Vino Chileno


Cofradía del Vino Chileno – British Branch was founded in 2005 and is affiliated to the Cofradía del Mérito Vitivinícola de Chile,

founded in Santiago, Chile in 1993.

The aim of the Cofradía is to develop a deep understanding of Chile and its wines amongst a group of like-minded people in an ambience of friendship and enjoyment and through a series of events during the year


Members of the Anglo Chilean Society who love Chilean wine are able to apply to join Cofradia del Vino Chileno.

For more information click HERE

Know more about Chile HERE

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