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A society for those in the UK

who are passionate

about Chile

We are a non-political,

non-religious organisation

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Alasdair Grant 

Anglo Chilean Society Chairman 

Patrons of the Society 

Chairman: Alasdair Grant
President:  His Excellency the Chilean Ambassador
Vice-Presidents: The Baroness Hooper CMG & Lady Ballyedmond

Message from our Chairman

Welcome to The Anglo Chilean Society!  


We hold a variety of events throughout the year where members and their guests can enjoy an aspect of Chilean culture - usually followed by a few glasses of Chilean wine.

Some of these events are an opportunity for members to meet each other such as at our annual Chilean BBQ.  

Others are events to promote Chilean artistic talent in the UK.

Most of our activities raise funds to help those most in need in Chile. We work closely with the Chilean Embassy where many of our events take place.

During the Covid- 19 restrictions we will have a full programme of virtual events to engage with our membership

during this difficult time.


Please get in touch with us if you would like to know more.

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The Royal's in Chile

Queen Elizabeth II and Duke of Edinburgh tour to Chile in 1968

Video from British Pathe 

President of Chile Pays State Visit to the UK in 1965

Video from British Pathe 

Chile: Prince Williams Adventure 2000

Video from AP Archive

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Future Events 

Araucaria Map in the UK 
Loch Laxford, Scotland.jpg

Some years ago, the Society launched its ambitious project to build the “Araucaria Map of the UK”, gathering photos of araucaria trees from all over the country. Members and friends were invited to contribute, sending in their photographs whenever they saw one of these iconic trees, stating the location of the sighting. So far, we have managed to pin more than 200 photographs to monkey puzzle tree map! See gallery HERE

Chile through the camera in 1926, both social
and economic. 

Anglo Chilean connections exist from a long time ago and we are delighted that one of our members has shared with us his Grandfather's photos when he lived in Chile from 1924 to 1931 

In 1926 William Barttelot was working up in the Andes above Santiago in an area close to Queltehaus and San Jose de Maipo.

The project was to install turbines to produce hydro-electric power. Today the main engine house is still working and owned by AES Gener which is the main Chilean Energy Group, and all the original pictures will be sent to them for their archives. The pictures show how the equipment and personnel were transported up through the snow and the extent of falls from the mountains are evident too.

The size of the main turbine is amazing too!

Photos courtesy of Thomas Kelly